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The proceed of this book is placed at disposal by the author for the " association to the protection of endangered children iG " and serves therefore in the interest of the generality for more safety ours of all children.


If you want to get to know more about the inventor of the swimming-pool alarm installation first world-wide, click on "amazon.de". Here you think the book with the title " pity that I have not invented chopping ". Book on Demand - 93 (pages 2000 BoD, Norderstedt; ISBN: 3-89811-524-0; price DM 19,80


Content of the book:

Pursuit of profits hinder fundamental rights of our children!?


The book is an autobiography, written in form of a very exciting Economic-polit-crime-film in which the author has exerted himself particularly selflessly for all endangered children and fought around the fundamental rights ours of all infants with the result....... " as if

Children's lifes would be replaceable arbitrarily ".


Here psychological blackmail will have pursued documented like banks deliberately because he has resisted or how even our government(state) has introduced sovereign measures under the motto against him, " in Germany is of the blame on the dirt does not point out and to him does. " " Of the articles 20 paragraphs 2 of the basic law: All government authority goes out from the people Should be supplemented here honestly around the subordinate clause ....... " so far she is not carried out(exercised) by leading industrialists. "



Concluding sentence of the author:

In the past I could place at disposal some thousand devices for the safety of our graftings in the pool and in connection with my public relation works, I believe something to the well-being to have started ours of all children. Here and today forbids to give up itself for me, particularly when I read sadly missed by renewed tragic accident reports in the media. I hope that this book had not only an entertainment value for you, but also supplied important background information, for all which play with the thought to make themselves independent.



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Heidi Riebold from Berlin, 17th of October, 2000
Exciting up to the end.
The book becomes by the exciting story the "Economic-polit-crime-film" which remains unforgettably. The separate chapters have not only a very demanding entertainment value, but are also for leading industrialist, founders of new business and all themselves independent want to make, high Informatively. I warn as a precaution all readers with weak nerves and this book does not recommend before that are a matter sleeping to read.