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Please you do not go over this page unread away as if child lives would be arbitrarily replaceable.

Over 4000 Fatal Pool Accidents Worldwide Every Year....

Do you always know, where your child plays? 

Unsecured pools and gartenteiche can be for small children and domestic animals a danger.

Statistically seen deadly accidents already rank by drowning with small children behind the traffic accident in second place of the accident scale.

In Germany by my public relations safety consciousness was waked. With the judgement of the higher regional court Cologne, which was issued in the meantime: my clearing-up work finds Az. 13 U 18/93 also in Germany support. Here play-rubbed and considered the curiosity of the infants, because the swimming pool owner adheres, if a child rises unnoticed over the fence and it comes to the case of loss.

As a father of two knew children I the painful loss that wrong-checked parents reconstruct and an alarm developed, that in the future remedy to create can.

The innovative mode of operation became by the assignment of various honors and acknowledgment authorities with very good judges for all open swimming pool’s.

    POOLSOLARM, the swimming pool alarm system, announces immediately - reliably and inescapably audibly, if children or domestic animals fall into the pool


Alarm at the pool


Alarm at the pool and at the same time also in the house


In countries, in which for years fences are prescribed as security, for further alternatives it is looked up, because shown empirical values to have e.g. in Australia that since exist the legally prescribed fences, the control duty at the pool one neglected and the accidents rose. After until recently also in the USA the fence and roll covers applied as the most important target, one had to determine in the meantime that this is not sufficient alone and rose the accidents with death sequences alone at Californian to annually 100.

In practice a missed child is only looked up in the fenced pool, after the search at other places was unsuccessful. Here comes by the time-consuming search, which could have been avoided by an alert, unfortunately all too often each assistance too late.

Children up to an age of 7 years are particularly endangered, since them prefer themselves playgrounds look up, which were forbidden by adults. To find here the idea wealth of the children, aids to overcome a fence, underestimated by that adults mostly.

Consumers can also view a video clip about pool alarms.  This is in "streaming video" format.

To the avoidance of such tragic accidents POOLSOLARM can contribute. The aids are immediately made by a loud alarm tone attentive on the fallen child and it have all chances the fright to get off.

The dangers for our most valuable which we have, our infants, exists further. Also in the future far over 4.000 infants in pools and gartenteiche will drown. Around a multiple more highly children are saved, however they will be long handicapped by oxygen deficiency their life. I will not give up here, because it is proven that only one alarm can reduce the high accident rate.

          This alarm finds world-wide a high paragraph.

       They can participate by your quiet participation (starting from US-$ 5.000) at the gain.

Click here and you find the complete certificate of the university of Berlin about the technical functional of pool alarm


Prof. Dr. -Ing. J. STERNBERG 

 und  Prof. Dr. -Ing. A. H. FRITZ 

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Also this child would not have had to drown in the swimming-pool ! Why? Pool alarm would have announced it!

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