Pool Aquasensor by Pool-Alarm fulfills the AFNOR standard NF P90-307.

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The excellent qualities of POOLSOLARM'S POOL ALARM:


Operating Voltage 9-12 Volt DC 500 mA
Rechargable battery Yes
Recharging time for built-in rechargable battery 12-14 hours with power pack (12 V DC 250-300 mA)
Power usage during alarm signal 160 mA
Constant POOL ALARM or SPA ALARM readiness In case of POOL ALARM, 4 - minute signal then unit resets automatically
POOL ALARM intensity 110 Phon = 110 dB / 39 1/2 inch
POOL ALARM release time at 74 degrees F water temperature = 58 1/2 inch/sec
On-Off switch Security-key switch
Child and theft-proof Reports any tampering with the appliance
Range controlled More than 75 feet pool length
Triggering mechanism Below water surface
Dimensions 13 3/4x 5 3/4 x 25 1/2 inch
Weight Color
Here you find the complete certificate of the university of Berlin about the technical functional of pool alarm from Prof. Dr. -Ing. J. STERNBERG  und  Prof. Dr. -Ing. A. H. FRITZ
Hier finden Sie die gutachterliche Stellungnahme zum Alarmsystem "POOLSOLARM"  von Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. SERNBERG   und   Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. H. FRITZ