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Hier finden Sie die gutachterliche Stellungnahme zum Alarmsystem "POOLSOLARM" von Prof. Dr.-Ing. J. SERNBERG und Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. H. FRITZ

"SECURITY FOR YOUR CHILD AND YOUR PEACE OF MIND WITH A POOL ALARM" Honors and recommendation writing acknowledge: "pool-alarm operates error free and is very recommendable for all swimming pools"

Here you find the complete certificate of the university of Berlin about the technical functional of pool alarm from Prof. Dr. -Ing. J. STERNBERG und Prof. Dr. -Ing. A. H. FRITZ

Hier finden Sie die gutachterliche Stellungnahme 

zum Alarmsystem "POOLSOLARM"  

von Prof.Dr.-Ing.J.SERNBERG  und  Prof.Dr.-Ing.A.H.FRITZ

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