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The high rate of accidents with small children worldwide and insufficient safety precautions, prompted our company to attend the problem by developing a swimming-pool alarm unit with financial support by the Berlin city government.


The unit was designed considering highest safety requirements, a minimum standard, we feel, should be met by all swimming-pool alarm systems.


An expertise by the Technical University of Berlin (Technical University of Berlin) and references from companies both home and abroad, evaluate our product as very recommendable under safety aspects.


In countries, where fences as a protective measure are required by law people are looking for alternatives, since statistics have shown no considerable decrease in accident rates.


Children up to 7 years of age are particularly at risk, since they are known to prefer forbidden playgrounds. Most adults tend to underestimate children's ingenuity, when it comes to finding ways to pass over an obstacle. pool-accidents


Usually, a missing child will be searched for in a pool secured by a fence or a pool cover only, after the search elsewhere has proven  unsuccessful. A time consuming process that could have been avoided by an alarm and is often too late. Only a loud acoustical alarm immediately attracts the search-party's attention and indicates the exact location of the missing child, raising its chances to get away frightened rather than hurt. Fences with doors secured by automatic safety latches can be especially dangerous if the key is not found in time.


Experience has shown that fences or pool covers are obstacles that can easily be overcome, and which should only be installed in conjunction with an acoustical alarm. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission 

Upon request, we would be glad to send you the expertise of the Technical University Berlin,           a description of the safety requirements developed by us and which should be met by all swimming-pool alarms, as well as other information about our unit. TECHNICAL EXPLANATION


Consumers can also view a video clip about pool alarms. This is in "streaming video" format.


If you want to experience more over the inventor that world-wide first swimming pool alarm installation, then click “here” . Here you find the book with the title " It harms that I did not invent knocking off" (in Germany “Schade, dass ich das Abhauen nicht erfunden habe”).


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