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Poolsolarm POOL ALARM System

Over 10 years experience in the safety area ensure best technique.

The excellent qualities of POOLSOLARM'S POOL ALARM:

         Easy handling

         Solid or mobile installation. POOLSOLARM is not wired. Simply switch it on and your pool is secure.

         False alarms due to surface-movement will never occur, i.e. your warning message in case your pool is subject to unauthorized use is reliable to 100%.

         The security key makes it possible for only the authorized person to operate the equipment.

         The installed theft and children protection indicates every instance of manipulation with the POOL ALARM equipment.

         In case of POOL ALARM-signal several minutes.

         Weather-resistant ( also in case of storms ).

         1 year guarantee

         Surprisingly favorable prices.

         You can choose between: POOLSOLARM HAWAI ( alarm 110 phon at the pool ) POOLSOLARM HAWAI "S" ( with transmitter and house receiver )

         In a new pool POOLSOLARM can be installed directly into the wall

         TECHNICAL EXPLANATION click here  


Orders for the year 2002 are now assumed.

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