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Poolalarm Physik
pool accidents prevention
The following explains the method of our unit in relation to water motion below the surface. All tests occured in the same swimming pool of 12 meters in lengh (approx. 13 yards) with the same filled hot water bottle of 3 kg (approx. 7 pounds).

For the tests, we positioned the hot water bottle on the side of the pool and gently nudged it into the water with the foot (falling a distance of approx. 15 cm [approx. 6 inches]). The unit was positioned at a distance of 11,5 meter (approx. 12 yards) from the falling point.

When the hot water bottle fell, the heaviest end sank slowly to bottom. It created a kind of shovel movement in the water which travelled horizontally beneath the surface and bounced off the sides of the pool. After a few yards, no movement was seen on the surface. We established in all tests that the energy created by the bottle falling into the water was reliably registered by our unit in a distance of about 12 yards. Due to the travel time of the water and the reflection from the walls of the pool, we could also register a three-time impact of the water on the walls at a distance of 13 yards. This means a range of 60 meters (around 66 yards). Taking into consideration that the water density loses energy when it hits the pool walls, we can assume that in larger pools, i.e. olympic sizes, a bigger range can be reached.

Is storm resistant.

All disturbances, caused by wind or a falling ball do not have influence on the equipment.


  Something about the funnel and the integrated free-pivoting flap: 

As soon as the water density, initiated by the hot water bottle, arrives at the funnel, a part of the density meets the flap (cought by the special shape of the funnel).


poolsolarm funtion: "On" 

pool-cleaner funktion: "Works"

 water-circulation funktion: "On"


 working perfectly

 and reliably !

 The water that is running by creates a below atmospheric pressure behind the flap that disperses when the current has past, moving the flap. Due to the created force and suction movement, the wide monitoring ranges can be explained.

  The conventional opinion of swimming pool builders and flow technicians is that water circulation systems cause a continous current in the entire pool.

  Our method disproves this opinion and demonstrates that, depending upon the water pressure coming from the inlet nozzles created by circulation systems, the released current comes in contact with still water and, after the distance of a couple of a few yards, is forced to the surface where, only at this point, it disseminates. We took advantage of this recent finding and applied it in our method.

 As you can see with the development of this method and the design of our unit we have taken adventage of the water movement in a contained area, so that today we can offer a reliable poolalarm unit.              

Here you find the complete certificate of the university of Berlin about the technical functional of pool alarm from Prof. Dr. -Ing. J. STERNBERG  und  Prof. Dr. -Ing. A. H. FRITZ


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